August 03
An Accountable Plan
So then each of us shall give account of himself to God. Romans 14:12
Read Romans Chapter 14
Any accountant knows what an accountable plan is. It is there to provide accountability--explanations and accurate reporting. An accountable plan helps when a company is going through an audit. It provides a paper trail of the company's history. Whether we realize it or not, we too have an accountable plan in place. We will one day have a spiritual audit, where we will give an account to the Lord of what we have done with our lives. We shudder to think of the works and deeds in our own lives that will go unrewarded because we chose to respond in our flesh. Another point in this verse is that we should not judge our brethren; it is not our job to judge them. Rather, we should focus on our own lives, knowing one day we will all give an account for our actions. Keeping account of our own lives should be enough to remind us that we are not our brother's judge or accountant. We won't answer for him, just as he will not answer for us. So if you have been keeping a record of others' wrongs, get out your shredder and dispose of those things that should not be named among us. An accountable spiritual plan will keep our hearts in check and leave a good spiritual trail. The day will soon come when we receive our very own spiritual audit. Thank God that our salvation is not contingent upon an accountable plan based on our own works.

Prayer: Father, help us to focus our hearts completely on You and not our brethren.

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