Terri Lynn Rodriguez Born 9-18-56 Born Again 7-11-76

Terri RodriguezAt the age of 16, my Father passed away due to complications from a drug overdose. When he passed away, a part of me did too. All my hopes and dreams were shattered; this led to a three year journey of hopelessness and self destruction. Through a series of circumstances, I was left with a huge void in my heart; nothing seemed to help. Life made no sense as I experienced one heartache after another. Though I was not raised in a godly home, I was often approached by people sharing the Gospel message with me. In the deepest parts of my soul, I knew someday that I would need to surrender my heart to Jesus. I felt very much like I needed to get my life in order before I came before Him. The problem was I could never get my life right; I was heading downward on an unfriendly road called bitterness. Yet, in the midst of my pain and my sorrow, God was beckoning me to come to Him. My uncle, Chuck Butler, came to Christ in the 70's during what is known as the Jesus Movement. What a radical change our family saw in his life. Soon my precious Mother followed in the faith, and before long she was hosting a bible study in our home that my uncle would come and teach.

Each week that I attended the study, my heart would become a little softer, and finally at 19 years old on a Saturday afternoon in July, I found myself wandering into a little white church that was near our home. I had decided it was time to give my life to the Lord. As I approached the little church, I came to the entrance and the doors were locked. In anger and in tears, I made my way back to my car shaking my fists up at the Lord and saying, "You were not there when I needed You." As the tears rolled down my face, I heard a voice come out of nowhere, and a gentlemen sai "Miss, would you like to get in the church?"  I turned my face and he was holding up the keys to the church. He let me in and I never saw him again. As I approached the altar alone and still a little upset, I looked up and said to the Lord, "You have one opportunity to take my life, here I am, change me." I left the church transformed and filled with His Spirit. I shared the Gospel with someone that evening and found myself going to Bible studies and concerts by myself, trying to take anyone who would go with me. God was so real, the saving power of His Son, Jesus Christ, had filled that void that I once knew with a joy and a passion for Him.

I was content to serve Him and be single forever; just me and Jesus was all I needed. But God had other plans for my life; He brought my husband Mike Rodriguez to me. Mike was a dear friend that I grew up with. In fact, his sister Roberta was one of my best friends in high school. I shared the Lord with Mike, and after considering the Lord on His own, he too made a decision to follow Christ. We married 6 months later and grew in the Lord. We soon found ourselves involved in ministry. God had placed a call on our lives to serve Him. Something we are forever grateful for and are humbled by the many blessings we have been a part of. He has blessed us with two daughters and a sonin-love, and and a grandson and grandaughter. Yes! God is in the business of transforming and changing lives.

The powerful Word of God has been the foundation for our faith and has moved in our lives in an amazing way. This is why I love word abiding; and this is why it's  my hearts desire and passion to encourage others in their walks with the Lord. Abiding In Christ daily is a place where we are no longer just believers, but we are receivers of the abundant life that He desires to give us in our daily devotional journey with Him.

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